Jan 3, 2014

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Welcome 2014!

Oooh, boy, let’s first acknowledge the lack of posts at the end of 2013. I had plans!webchicky-18_o.jpg

  • I had photos from holiday projects I did in 2012 ready to go
  • I did a couple of tiny projects for the holidays
  • I had big plans for bigger projects for the holidays

And then life happened, as it so often does. There was a lot of travel (some trips more expected than others), a lot of good stuff, some less-good stuff, a lot of work, a whole lot of editing, and just not as much crafting or blogging here or anywhere else as I had expected.

People – I didn’t even craft Christmas gifts this year. I KNOW!!!

Which is a nice segue of sorts into what you can expect around here in 2014. I’ve just finished shutting down the Chickyscratch Etsy shop. Oh, did you forget that existed? No worries, so did I, more or less. Actually, I never forgot it existed, I just decided that’s not why I make things and I didn’t want to keep dealing with it.

I don’t make things to sell them so much as I make them to share with people, hopefully making them happy. I make things because the process of creating something tangible makes me happy. I make them because sometimes the process of putting together a project is a very therapeutic distraction from other things going on in my life. Not because it’s something I’m supremely talented at or because I think I have some great skill and it’s going to pay my mortgage. Too much pressure for me and honestly not much fun to create something to stock a store versus creating it to send a friend.

So last year, I had a grand plan to post twice a week. That happened well for awhile, then stopped, then I did OK again for a bit. This year, I commit to posting… sometimes. I commit to creating things… when I’m inspired to do so. I commit to looking at the world around me with open eyes to appreciate beauty and color and texture… more often.

Yeah, those are resolutions I can keep.


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