Oct 23, 2013

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One Birthday Card, Four Colors

Over the summer, I had four birthdays on the calendar within a short timespan. I decided I’d make one card design in four different colors to see what I could come up with. I’ve remade designs before but this is the first time I’ve set out to do it quite like this.


Here are all four cards, though without the finishing touch of rounded corners. I forgot that part until later. Still, you can see the different colors here.



The first card, in green, was for my friend Jenny.


Yellow was for Melinda (you can see I reused the one floral paper from Jenny’s card).


Purple was for Brigitte.


And pink was for my sister, Christine.


Each card followed the same process. I printed just the word “birthday” on a piece of white cardstock, cut it to size, and folded it in half. I then used a circle punch to cut a ridiculous number of circles from 4 or 5 coordinating papers. I glued down the bottom row and center row first, making sure I had 5 solid circles on the bottom row, then randomly put in the rest of the circles before trimming any that managed to hang over the edge. I stamped “happy” on the bottom row, then used my round edger to finish off the corners of the cards.

I left the insides blank to write each of them a birthday note.

It ended up being a fun project, making a little assembly line of birthday cards. And because I made each one slightly different, customizing the colors to the individual’s tastes, it didn’t become too cookie cutter or impersonal. I may do this the next time I haveĀ  a bunch of birthdays all at once. It beats the alternative of getting overwhelmed and not sending cards at all!


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