Oct 1, 2013

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Gift for Newborn Niece


A gift for my niece, Adelaide, when we went to meet her in late May.



My brother is a fan of squirrels and my very kind and patient sister-in-law chose a woodland nursery theme so squirrels can be a part of my niece’s surroundings. Knowing this, I decided to make her a stuffed squirrel.

The idea and pattern from Cassie at You Go Girl!. I modified it slightly (mostly through not reading directions and making mistakes) and enlarged it to make more of a stuffed animal as opposed to an ornament.


close-up of face (eyes, nose, and rose all separate pieces)

I used this tutorial from Carla’s Scraps to make the ribbon rose. The rose, eyes (buttons) nose, grey face/ears, and white body are all sewn on as separate pieces, then the two grey body pieces sewn together and stuffed.


Embroidery is no joke, people! I tried flowers and failed miserably so I went with these simple pink starbursts instead.

back of squirrel

back of squirrel

embroidered name

embroidered name

I stitched her name into the squirrel’s tail. It’s not perfect, but it turned out OK. I was glad by the time I finished that her middle name was short and that I had decided not to include her last name. Plus, the squirrel’s tail wasn’t long enough for the last name too.

2013 - birth year

2013 – birth year

For a finishing touch, I embroidered 2013, her birth year, on the back of the squirrel’s head.

Baby A

Baby A

This is one of my favorite simple gifts to give regardless of occasion – I’ve given them before. Cover a wooden letter with some decorative paper, perhaps add an embellishment, and it’s a thoughtful, personal gift. For new babies, you can’t go wrong with the first letter of their name.

simple ribbon embellishment

simple ribbon embellishment

I added a bow in a coordinating color and glued it on. It’s girly but bold, a lot like I imagine my little niece.

Next week, the card that went with it.



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